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 We take feedback very seriously and try to action guests' suggestions whenever practicable. After staying at the villa, guests are invited to complete an online survey relating to various aspects of their booking. Below is a pictorial analysis of responses received in the last five years from those who have completed the survey. There have been a number of people who have sent us excellent comments (see Testimonials page) but who did not complete the survey.


 1. Did the villa meet the advertised description?

Piechart 1


 2. How were communications and the reservation procedure?

piechart 2


 3. How clean was the property on arrival?

piechart 3


 4. How were your dealings with our local agents (if used)?

piechart 4


 5. How did you find the information provided before and during your stay?

piechart 5


 6. Do you think the hiring charge was reasonable value for money?

piechart 6


 7. Would you recommend Jasmine Villa to others?

piechart 7


 While our survey form is constructed to allow us to measure responses (such as those above), it also includes "free form" sections to allow guests to write specific comments or suggestions.



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